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1- Launched in 1868 Cerberus is one of three remaining Monitors (the first generation of modern battleships) left in the world. It is the only remaining monitor with its gun turrets.

2- Preceding HMS Devastation by almost three years, Cerberus was the first British warship to dispense completely with sail power and to incorporate the shallow draft.

3- Cerberus was the first, and is the only remaining example, of a Monitor having a central superstructure.

4- The design for the Cerberus was the first in the world to incorporate the combination of a central superstructure with fore and aft gun turrets.

5- Cerberus is the only substantially intact surviving warship of any of Australia's pre-Federation colonial navies.

6- Cerberus was also one of the first ships, and is now the oldest surviving warship, to have served in the Royal Australian Navy.

7- Cerberus represented Cutting Edge Technology from the 1860's.

8- Cerberus was the flagship and most powerful warship of the Victorian Navy. In addition it was the most powerful warship of any of the Australian Colonial Navies.

9- Cerberus incorporated the latest developments in metallurgy, steam power, gun turrets and the use of low freeboard.

10-Cerberus was the first armoured warship built for Australia.

11-HMAS Cerberus is now the name of a Naval training base still in operation near the site of Cerberus' resting place on Westernport Bay.