Formula 1 Grand Prix

Each year a minor miracle takes place in Melbourne.

Podium Celebration - Schumacher, Montoya, RaikkonenItís the transformation of a leafy, inner suburban open space into an international gathering-point for some of the biggest movers and shakers in world sport.

For the 2004 Fosterís Australian Grand Prix a small army of construction workers, organizers, officials and volunteers will once again change Albert Park into a global shop-window for the finest in Australian major events.

A few miles of commuter roads suddenly become a 5.3-kilometre challenge to the greatest drivers in the world.

Fans in the CrowdItís a world-beating facility that attracts hundreds of thousands of people, from dedicated F1 aficionados to die-hard celebrity-watchers.

Itís an inner-city party that last for four days but brings year-round interest as Melbourne launches the annual FIA Formula One World Championship.

Australia holds the Grand Prix races at the Albert Park race track in Melbourne. The first Grand Prix was held there in 1953. There was another held in 1956 but then the state government banned racing in the park for many years.

The modern series of Grand Prix races at Albert Park in Melbourne began in 1995 and have been held every year since.