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The Victoria Club

This website serves many functions, one of which is recruit people who find the sort of information you found on this site interesting, to join the Victoria Club.

The club is newly forming, costs nothing, and is at this embryonic stage simply a group of people who have a love for Victoria and an interest in promoting it, being proud of its achievements, and discussing the merits of past and present Victorian people, initiatives and directions.

The instigator of this project, both website and club, is Alexander Griffiths, born and bred in the state, an active participant in its life on many levels, and a person with a passionate and inexplicable patriotism for all that is Silver and Blue (you DID know they are the state colours did you not?).

By no means does anyone need to agree with the current author's views to join the club, or help with the site, in fact the opposite is preferable! Equally, being born in or living in Victoria is not a pre-requisite for joining.