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Dunlop, Sir Edward (Weary)

(12-07-1907 to 02-07-1993)
Category: Medical Practitioner

Edward Dunlop was born in Wangaratta in 1907. After working for a pharmacy, he went to Melbourne in 1927, where he graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1934 in medicine. At university he was given the nickname "Weary", alluding to an advertising campaign for Dunlop tyres. He was also a noted athlete, playing rugby for Australia.

He joined the army as a surgeon, and was captured in 1942 by the Japanese. Dunlop was sent to work on the Burma- Siam railway, and used his medical skills to administer to other prisoners of war.

Following the end of World War Two, he returned to Melbourne, married and practiced as a cancer specialist. He was also President of the Australian Asian Association of Victoria, and throughout his life worked in Asia, teaching medicine. Dunlop was knighted in 1969 for his contribution to medicine and was named Australian of the Year in 1977. Following his death in 1993, he was given a state funeral.