Victorians Excel at the Olympics Again!

Victorians and the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) have made an outstanding contribution to Australia's best ever Olympic result at Sydney 2000.

Dr Frank Pyke, Executive Director of the Victorian Institute of Sport said:
"The Victorian results are excellent and underline the importance of this state in the success of the Australian team. The quality of support for Olympic athletes in this state, through VIS is world class. We have shown what can be achieved when state and national programs work together in the best interests of our athletes". "In Atlanta, our medal tally was biased towards bronze. In Sydney we achieved an abundance of silver. There is still another step to take before many of our best athletes win gold". "Therefore it is vital that we maintain financial support for athlete development programs through both the Government and private sectors during the next five years. This will provide opportunities for young Victorians with sporting ambition to compete successfully in the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne".

The Mystery of why Victorians do so well is revealed:

Since 1928, the front side of every medal has featured a picture of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, sitting in a horse-drawn chariot and holding a laurel wreath above her head. It also showed a Roman amphitheatre.

A new design has been created for the 2004 Games, featuring the Greek Panathenic Stadium (where the modern Olympics were revived in 1896) and a new image of Nike. Based on a statue carved in 421 BC which was kept in the Temple of Zeus in Olympia, the new image shows Nike flying into the stadium as if to crown the winners with a wreath.

Nike is the Greek representation of the Roman Goddess of Victory, after which the Name Victoria comes. Hence, a symbol representing the state of Victoria appears on every Olympic medal!