Ninety Mile Beach



Photo courtesy Central Flying School, Royal Ausralian Air Force, East Sale

Two of the RAAF Roulettes aerobatic team over the Ninety Mile Beach.
The top aircraft is inverted.
The Roulettes are often seen training over the beach and are based at nearby RAAF East Sale.
F111 Aircraft at East Sale
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Loch Sport, Golden Beach, Seaspray and Woodside are spread evenly along this pristine beach of continuous golden sand.
Yarram and Port Albert are neighbours adjoining our western section.
Relax in the Motel/Hotels of Loch Sport and Woodside, Holiday Apartments at Golden Beach, or the 90 Mile Beach Holiday Retreat at Loch Sport. If preferred, there is also a great variety of camping facilities, from basic tent sites in the dunes of 90 Mile Beach between Golden Beach and Seaspray, see Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park , to well equipped Caravan Parks with their comfortable cabins at Woodside Beach, Seaspray and Loch Sport.

Wonderful surf fishing. Whales and dolphins regularly play close to shore and there is boat access to the Gippsland Lakes at Seacombe and Loch Sport.

The wreck of the Trinculo may be seen at its best after a king tide removes large amounts of sand temporarily. It is 6.4 kilometres from the roundabout at Golden Beach going towards Seaspray.

Bird life is prolific all along the coastal parks and includes Crimson and Eastern Rosellas, Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo, Swamp Harriers, Hawks, Blue Wrens, Silver Eyes, Red Browed Finch, Eastern Spine Bill and many other honey eaters. The Rainbow Lorikeet would normally fly north for the winter but it remains along the beach coastal parks area all year - attracted by the temperate climate and the plentiful coastal banksia.

It is a delight to walk, especially over the Golf Links at Golden Beach and Loch Sport through the day and be among the kangaroos, emus and echidnas. Take care along the coastal roads at night when the wild life can be seen watching you! Even an owl may be caught viewing the scene from the middle of the road at night and the silver kangaroos really do shine in the headlights so, slow down, dip your lights and enjoy them!

Life Saving beach patrols take place at Woodside and Seaspray during the summer season.

Petrol, general grocery items and take away food are available at Loch Sport, Golden Beach, Seaspray and Woodside. Autogas is available at Woodside and Loch Sport.
All roads are good and there is an RACV Service Centre at Loch Sport. You may "Eat In" at, Woodside, Golden Beach and Loch Sport.
Golf can be enjoyed at Loch Sport and Golden Beach and a variety of other sporting activities, including indoor bowls, are also available at the townships.
Public toilets are available at each township and public showers (coin in slot) available at Golden Beach.