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                                Victoria, The State of Snow, Beach, Science and History
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Visit the state or read the site to find out more of the wonders Victoria offers. Ski in the morning and lie warm on the beach in the afternoon. Eat and drink an amazing diversity of foods from around the world. Mingle with the people that have produced more Nobel prize winners per capita than anywhere on the planet. There is something for everyone.



Climate: Victoria has something for everyone.

The Summers are fantastic, with perfect beach weather. The winters are mild, but cool enough in the Alps to provide brilliant skiing.

The Coast has a climate just begging you to get outside and sail, swim, walk on isolated beaches or eat al fresco.

Inland offers deserts, Rainforests, mountains and Rivers to explore.

Summer: 18-40 degrees

(28 average)

Winter  10-20 degrees

(16 average)






For Visitors to the state, follow link: Here to 'Modern Victoria', then 'Geography' and finally 'Melbourne'. Here is where to get started on your exploration!

Alternatively, some other helpful sites:

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